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Media Relations and Communications Support: F3 Challenge


Provide ongoing media relations and communications planning and support : F3 content & messaging for the Future of Fish Feed and its series of innovation contests. Services provided include developing and issuing news releases related to the contests, establishing close relationships with seafood media and non-profit partners such as Global Aquaculture Alliance to grow the dialogue this aquaculture sustainability problem and innovations in alternative feed ingredients for aquafeed. Stories about the aquaculture feed problem, industry-led innovations and the F3 contests have appeared in all of the major seafood trade media as well as in the popular press in the US and China, including: GAA’s Advocate, Intrafish, WIRED, NPR, Forbes, China Dialogue, Financial Times China,, among others. Ad buys in strategic focus regions, including in the United States, Norway, China and Southeast Asia.




The Future of Fish Feed

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